Metrorail Western Cape to start trial operations of recovering the Central line train service

Metrorail Western Cape will on Tuesday morning start its trial operations of recovering the Central line train service. The lines were closed in 2019 due to vandalism on the Central Line. The trial operations of the service include Bellville to Ysterplaat via Lavistown station, Cape Town to Langa via Pinelands station, as well as Cape Town to Langa via Mutual station.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula and Prasa staff will be travelling by train to monitor the routes.

The region currently has a total fleet of thirty yellow train sets. This is complemented by the thirteen ready for service Electrical Motor Units (EMUs) out of the 16 that are deployed in the region. There are currently two yellow train sets that are operational on the Central Line between Langa and Cape Town. Metrorail says there will be an additional train set that will be added to the Central line service to run between Bellville and Cape Town via Lavistown on Tuesday. The Central Line will have a total of three train sets.

Metrorail Spokesperson, Zino Mihi, says they had to repair 5 substations along the Cape Town – Bellville and Bellville – Langa route.

‘’These substations had to feed 19kms of newly rebuilt Overhead Traction Equipment (OHTE). The rebuilt programme for the OHTE involved construction of the mast foundations, structures and electrical wires. Additional power distribution lines were done through internal and external teams.’’

Mihi says that PRASA recovered services at stations in Pinelands, Langa, Bonteheuwel, Lavistown, Belhar, Unibel, Pentech and Sarepta, following vandalised platforms, station lighting, ablution facilities for commuters, and station buildings.

She added that infrastructure, such as rail tracks, rail clips and the formation of the trains, had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Construction works underway aimed at recovering the Central Line e.g. the removal of rubble on the rail tracks, replacing of rail clips, repairing of the OHTE etc

Prasa says it increased security at train stations, which includes on-board the trains and between the stations protecting the infrastructure, for the safety of commuters and their staff.


Done By: Mitchum George


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