CoCT's Mayco member concerned over trauma and assualt cases logged over the weekend

The City of Cape Town’s Mayco member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, has raised concern over the number of trauma and assault cases in the past week.

The City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre(PECC) had a busy weekend, logging 1 788 emergency incidents. Of these, 98 requests were logged for assistance related to incidents of assault at the weekend, including 15 gunshot related trauma incidents.

A 36-year-old suspect was arrested on Friday, for being in possession of stolen vehicle.

‘’Law Enforcement Auxiliary officers noticed a vehicle without number plates driving along Belgravia Road in Athlone. Officers stopped the vehicle and also noticed the vehicle had no licence disc. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen in Maitland in 2014. impounded,’’ said Smith.

Smith added that while officers were attending to the incident, another vehicle pulled up and the driver explained to officers that he and his infant son had been shot and wounded. The mayco member added that officers immediately administered first aid while waiting on EMS to arrive to transport the victims to hospital.

Smith says the number of complaints lodged for violence is concerning.

‘’The high levels of violence plaguing many of our communities and households remains one of our biggest concerns. That someone would take aim at a baby is not only callous, but incredibly cruel. I’m thankful that our volunteer officers were able to step in and ensure that the child and his father received the necessary medical attention. Then there is the number of assault cases reported weekend after weekend to our PECC. Violence as a means to resolve differences is not the answer – not to mention the toll it takes on families and communities,’’

‘’I also want to commend our officers for their tireless efforts in bringing criminals to book week after week, as well as the role that our volunteer staff and the community policing structures play. It is through these collective efforts that we are able to make arrests, and remove dangerous weapons and narcotics from our streets,’’ he added.

 Residents are reminded to report any criminal activity or life or property threatening emergency by contacting the PECC on 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or 107 from a landline.


PICTURE: Pixabay

Done By: Mitchum George


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