DA planning to reduce South Africa`s fuel price to R17.50 per litre

The increasing fuel price in South Africa could be reduced if the Fuel Price Deregulation Bill is passed into law.

source: pixabay

The Democratic Alliance`s spokesperson for Mineral Resources and Energy, Kevin Mileham said the fuel price could be decreased by R9 a litre, meaning the current fuel price of R26.50 a litre will be lowered at 17.50 per litre.

South Africa recorded its highest fuel price on 7 July, but the DA are currently proposing the Fuel Price Deregulation Bill to lower the cost of fuel. The main objective of the Bill is to remove the restrictions in the fuel sector and this will increase competition in regulating the fuel price for both consumers and retailers based on the fuel price levels.

However, Mileham said it is targeted at the entire fuel price and fuel value chain, as there were growing concerns that the proposal would drive South Africans to self-service petrol stations.

One of the proposals made by the DA includes scrapping the general fuel levy to R3.93 a litre and amending the road accident fund levy to R2.18 per litre.

By Lulama Klassen




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