City of Cape Town issues eviction orders for Nyanga Residents

Mau-Mau residents in Nyanga have accused the City of Cape Town of trying to displace them from their homes.

The City has issued 160 eviction notices and is in the process of obtaining an eviction order against the residents who illegally occupied incomplete houses in the Mau-Mau housing project in Nyanga.

According to the City, residents who illegally occupied its rental units have also received eviction notices.

The Nyanga backyard dwellers occupied the incomplete structures in the delayed housing project after purchasing their windows, doors and roofs and completed the structures, with water and electricity connections.

The Mau-Mau housing project started in January 2018 to submit 434 units. It was expected to be completed in 15 months but this goal was marred with delays after both contractors experienced cash-flow challenges.

Done by Lizeka Tsotetsi


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