The passing of a legend - Vincent Kolbe

Lusanda Bill
5 September 2010
South Africa has lost one if it’s amazing heroes. Vincent Kolbe passed away on Friday the 3rd of September, after losing his battle with cancer.

Vincent was a jazz artist, librarian, political activist, husband, father and a friend to many. He grew up in District Six in Cape Town.

As a jazz artist he played American jazz and South African marabi and singing.

To support his family he became a librarian working in a number of different poor and working class townships and neighbourhoods.

He was also a cultural activist working with MAPP an organisation that brought musical educations and political awareness to township youth.

He also helped establish District Six Museum.

Bush Radio’s Managing Director Brenda Leonard said “Vincent was a visionary and a person who was strongly committed to community development and building a better society and a better world”.

She said Vincent will be sorely missed by everyone who crossed paths with this extraordinary man.

Vincent Kolbe was one of the original trustees of Bush Radio and played an important role in forming the Bush Radio community radio station project and guided through one of the most challenging periods in the birth of community radio in South Africa, according to a post on the Bushblog by programme integrator, Adrian Louw on last night.


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