32 Deaths No Link to Covid19 Vaccine, said WCDH

The Western Cape Department has reported the 32 people who had died had not died because of vaccine complication rather death occurred to them when they had already vaccinated.

Western Cape health department chief operating officer Saadiq Kariem said that in all deaths where the investigations have been completed, the vaccine did not cause the death and the death was confirmed to be due to another cause, such as illness or injuries.  

The province has had 645 reports of adverse effects after Covid-19 immunization. However, around 80% of these were minor reactions, such as headaches, body pain and fever. More than 400 people had already recovered, said Kariem. 

More than 2.5 million vaccine doses had so far been administered in the province, and Kariem said the department had no concerns regarding the long-term side effects of Covid-19 vaccines. He also stated the serious side effects were rare, and the known and potential benefits of Covid-19 vaccination far outweighed known and potential risks.

About 12 166 043 vaccine doses had been administered in South Africa, with 86 reports of death (about 0.0007%) among vaccinated people by end of August.

Done by Lucille Dyosi 


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