Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Meet the Miracle Goat Stabbed Twice in Phillipi Informal Settlements

A nanny goat known as Fable is described as a miracle goat after it was stabbed five times in the chest and abdomen area was left to decay in Phillipi Informal Settlement. The goat had been repeatedly stabbed before being tied to a tree in the Siqalo informal settlement. 

The Animal Welfare Society of SA (AWS) spokesperson Allan Perrins said it was a miracle for the goat to survive as the nursing staff had worked around the clock to ensure the goat remained alive. 

The organisation said the goat was responding well to treatment and enjoying the tranquility of their farmyard. "We flushed her wounds for the umpteenth time to keep infection at bay and she knowingly stood dead still, despite it being an uncomfortable procedure," said Perrins.

Fable will be taken to Greyton Farm Animal to be with other rescued animals where she can safely live out the rest of her life.  

Done by Lucille Dyosi


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