Saturday, September 18, 2021

More vaccination sites open in Western Cape

The Western Cape’s Deaprtment of health (WCDoH) Health Department will be opening more vaccination sites on Saturday and Sunday.

In a statement, the WCDoH said there will be 43 vaccination sites open across the province on Saturday, with 24 in the Metro and 19 in the Rural areas.

Additionally, 12 sites will be operational on Sunday– nine in the Metro and three in the Garden Route.

‘’This weekend will also see more operational sites on a single weekend than ever before, as we increase access to vaccinations on the weekend,’’ the WCDoH said in a statement

‘’Many of our vaccination sites have a quick, slick and efficient vaccination journey in place. It is also completely free. We know time matters, which is why at most of our sites, from the time you arrive, until you leave, and including the mandatory 15-minute observation period, you will be in and out, vaccinated and protected, within 30 minutes!,’’ added the provincial health department.

There has been a slight decline in the number of vaccines administered in the Western Cape, from the previous week. The WCDoH has a weekly target of 200 000, but only 194 695 got the jab this past week. The Western Cape have administered 2,475,569 vaccines, either through being partially or fully vaccinated, which translates to 37,12% of the total adult population in the province already being protected,

‘’These are good signs, but we cannot let up now and we need to push ahead! We have the supplies and the infrastructure in place, and it has never been easier to get vaccinated so please take up the opportunity as soon as possible. We need a collective response if we are going to beat COVID – get vaccinated, continue practicing safe behaviour and let’s support each other on this journey!’’



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