6,1 Million South Africans now fully vaccinated against Covid-19

The National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) has communicated that over 6,1 people have now fully vaccinated for the Corona virus, with either the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or the double-shot Pfizer jab.

This comes after the national health department called for a faster vaccination rate in the country to prevent any further mutations. About 15% of the country’s adults have been confirmed to have been fully vaccinated and about 24% of those 18 years and older have been partially vaccinated against the virus.  

The National Health Department has targeted to fully vaccinate 70% of the country’s 3.9 million adults in a strategy to protect the rest of the population of South Africa against another wave. There have been growing concerns of a possible 4th wave in prospect.

Done By: Yandisa Qwabe