Cape Town police debunks claims of Zimbabweans distributing deadly mosquitos tablets in Khayelitsha

The South African Police service debunked claims that Zimbabweans in Khayelitsha are the reason behind people dying from mosquitos tablets.

According to Cape Town Police, a voice note has been making rounds along with images of people who are reported to have allegedly died from after consuming tablets meant for protecting humans against mosquitos.

Colonel Andrè Traut stated that this fake news is being shared on social media platforms, adding that the misinformation also claiming that those who have been in contact with the tablets also succumb.

Traut asked the public to refrain from spreading any information that is not authenticated by the authorities as it could lead to unnecessary panic or animosity in communities

“Claims are made that these tablets are sold by Zimbabwean nationals in Khayelitsha. SAPS have no record of these fatalities and wish to dispel this as fake news which cannot be substantiated.”, said Traut.

image by m&G

by Everngelista Muza    


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