City of Cape Town celebrates World Homeless Day by expanding shelter options

World Homeless day is observed on 10 October annually and this day raises awareness of homelessness and encourages communities to respond to the needs of vulnerable residents.

Homelessness is one of the biggest issues the world is facing today and it has become very important to address it as recent data shows that homelessness is rising around the world which can lead to devastating effects in the future. 

According to a study that took place in January, the South Africa’s Social Development Department estimated that there are 2,308 people currently experiencing homelessness in the Western Cape. As a result, the department is taking action to help the homeless during the month of October.

As the City of Cape Town commemorates World Homeless Day, they will be continuing its programme to expand shelter options to help people off the streets across the metro.

While the Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councilor Patricia Van der Ross, noted that homelessness is a major problem and urged that the public needs to support the homeless.

“The complexity of homelessness is something that many cities around the world grapple with. One thing is certain, it cannot be up to government alone to solve, and requires a whole of society approach. There are many in our city who provide support to help people off the streets sustainably. We welcome this support, and urge the public to keep donating towards causes that emphasizes sustainable pathways off the streets for more people”, she said

PICTURE: Pixabay

Done By: Lulama Klassen


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