Passengers robbed of their belongings on Golden Arrow Bus in Khayelitsha

Golden Arrow Bus Services says it is shocked of a bus robbery video that went viral. Passengers were robbed of their belongings on Spine Road in Khayelitsha, at approximately 06:40 on Friday.

In the video, it can been seen that a man is instructing commuters to hand over their belongings. It can also be seen how he searches the passengers for valuable items

Spokesperson, Bronwen Dyke-Beyer says the viral video will hamper police’s operations on apprehending the suspect.

‘’We were very shocked to hear that the footage had been placed on social media as we had shared it with SAPS in order to assist them in fulfilling their constitutional mandate to prevent and investigate crimes and to ensure that perpetrators are apprehended.’’


Done By: Mitchum George


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