CoCT enforces law in Phillipi & Crossroads

More than 750 officers from the Cape Town Metro Police, Traffic Services, Law Enforcement and the South African Police Service participated in an integrated law enforcement operation in Philippi East, on Wednesday.

The five-day operation, which started on Monday, included a clean-up operation by the Department of Solid Waste and the identification of illegal electricity connections.

Officers were in the Marikana informal settlement, one of the biggest contributors to crime in the precinct.

The latest crime statistics indicated a decrease in crime, where LEAP officers are deployed in the metro, except in Philippi East and Crossroads.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis joined day three of the five-day operation in Philippi East, on Wednesday.

‘’In the past such operations would have consisted only of uniformed members but today's operation sees the participation of our investigative and crime information services to ensure that we are engaging in smarter and more information driven policing.

‘’Along with the helicopter and drones, this assists officers on the ground to be more effective. While crime prevention is a key focus, traffic and by-law enforcement are equally important, and so too ensuring that places of business are not contributing to the illicit economy. This is a massive undertaking aimed at taking back the streets from criminals, and leaving law-abiding residents with some peace of mind. However, we do urge residents to say something if they see something. Safer communities are contingent on trust and cooperation between citizens and the uniformed services,’’ added Hill-Lewis.



Done By: Mitchum George


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