Monday, January 31, 2011

City and Hangberg community reach agreement

By Khanyisa Tabata
31 January 2011

An agreement between the City of Cape Town and the Hangberg community reached through mediation.

Mediator Brain Williams says the mediation process was not the order of the court but a decision for the mediation was taken in a meeting on the 18th of October last year.

Williams says this was an alternative from going to the court to settle the dispute between the people of Hangeberg and the City.

“The parties have agreed that they will work within a constitutional framework to obtain solutions in a democratic, transparent and accountable manner.

“There are no intentions to relocate the community to Blikkiesdorp and are committed to trying to find a solution within the area. It also includes that the City and Sanparks shall arrange for training on awareness of fire safety,” said Williams.

Over 12 elections took place before 39 representatives were to present nine different clusters from the area. This happened after a public meeting on the 09th of December last year where people knew when they can nominate an individual, added Williams.

“Those who were elected know that if they should be recalled another election process will take place.

“In terms of the agreement the City has committed itself to transferring 61 row houses to the rightful owners in terms appropriate legal process,’’ said Williams.


At Saturday, 05 February, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In responses to “Peace breaks out in Hangberg as mediator strikes agreement” (Tuesday 1st February 2011). A Preliminary agreement has been reached between the City of Cape Town, SANParks and Hangberg residents after a mediation session. This agreement excludes the 324 Hangberg residents who mandated the Hout Bay Civic Association to represent them and this agreement should been brought to the community before it was signed on Monday, so we could’ve decided, if we the people agree or not.
The Hangberg people are being taken seriously, that just admits that the DA-led Ward, City and Province never took us seriously. They say this as an election is coming up; they haven’t apologies for their abuse of power and violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS. So how can they take us serious?
The provincial government want to enter a partnership with Hangberg residents elected representatives, I am sure the Hout Bay Civic Association will meet with you as they are the democratically elected community representatives. It’s no longer just two people running the show.
The city will transfer the 61 row houses to their rightful owners? Is this mediation process not about the court cases between the City and Hangberg Residents? Evictions, didn’t we throw stones for people’s homes. They talk about a solution would be found in Hout Bay, when is that going to happen, we don’t want more promises from the Apartheid styled City we want delivery. Buy land more land for us in Hout Bay as you know the land you have bought is not enough.
Zille came to us and made the promises of turning Hangberg into Clifton with a By-election after DA Ward Councillor Pieter Venter pass away. I was hoping that this was not just a promises but a plan she asked people not to build more bungalows, but there was and still is a need for more homes for all. I still made a suggestion that if the city don’t want more people to live on the mountain then they should Identify and service more land in Hout Bay for people who wish to build their homes but this was turned down by the then Mayor Zille.
I think the community made them clear when it asked Mr Louw to stop talking on their behalf, he himself is seen as a “self-appointed leader” attempting to strike deals for himself”. This is want the people in this community think!
The Civic is representing this community and they want to be part of this so called transparent process which I recall weren’t grant the right to be part of.
As a resident I just want to say that my right to have representation is not being protected and upheld. 323 Hangberg residents and I gave the Civic a mandate to represent us. So if you have the community best interest at heart then I suggest you involve them in this mediation process which up to date has been unfair, unjust and unconstitutional.
Roscoe Jacobs
Hangberg resident


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