SASSA blames beneficiaries

Lauren Snyders
5 April 2012

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) blamed the mayhem surrounding social grants recently, on beneficiaries.

The DA’s shadow minister of social development Mike Waters said both the minister of social development Bathabile Dlamini and SASSA CEO Virginia Petersen have given their assurance that the re-registration process would not disrupt the issuing of grants.

Waters added that SASSA admitted that their system had a few glitches which delayed the payment since the 2nd of April.

He said that for many South Africans, social grants are their main livelihoods and it is important that the pay-out system runs smoothly.


Anonymous said…
Maybe the beneficiaries are to blame but even if they're not, blaming them is a smart move by SASSA. AllPay are suing SASSA for not awarding the tender to them. If SASSA blamed CPS, AllPay would have an easy day in court arguing that CPS are incompetent and SASSA's adjudication was flawed.

I don't believe that the beneficiaries are to blame but that's just my opinion.

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