Friday, June 24, 2016

IFP launches Manifesto in Cape Town

Kolping Mbumba
24 June 2016

The Inkatha Freedom Party has officially launched its Local Government Election Manifesto in Cape Town today. IFP President Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi in his address says those who vote have the power to hire and fire.

He says “It is always good to be with the people of Cape Town. There is a spirit of goodwill here that is quite unique and it never fails to encourage me. 

"No matter what kind of hardship you face, there is always an enduring sense of hope. You are my kind of people, because I too will never give up.”

He added that “Something needs to be done to get municipalities working so that they fulfil their constitutional mandate and actually meet the people’s needs.”

“Fortunately, you and I are in control of making that change. We are not helpless victims of a corrupt system, at the mercy of weak leadership. We are, in fact, the most powerful players in this system, because democracy places the power in the hands of voters.” Buthelezi concluded.



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