A suspected gang member has been arrested for the kidnapping of 35-year-old Anisah Moosa

Raymond Pani
11 April 2016

The kidnappers contacted Moosa's family and demanded a ransom for her release. 

A police investigation led to her return three days after her abduction.
Three police officers were injured in a during a gun battle with the kidnappers before Anisah was freed, unharmed.

Family spokesman Yusuf Abramjee said "We have been informed that a suspect was arrested north of Pretoria. He is one of the suspected gang leaders. He is facing several charges.

We thank the Hawks for working around the clock. Let's now allow the law to take its course. We remain confident that the remaining gang members will be arrested."

Abramjee added that Anisha was "doing well" after the ordeal.


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