Tuesday, April 05, 2016

City of Cape Town to give 5000 home owners home-composting containers for free

Chumani Simelela
05 April 2016

The City of Cape Town is inviting homeowners to apply for one of 5000 free home-composting containers in its latest move towards becoming a zero-waste society. Because there are a limited number of units for the act fast in submitting their applications. Councillor Ernest Sonneberg explained and said.

“I strongly encourage any home owner with a garden to apply for a home-composting unit, as they will see the benefits. Not only will it mean less waste going into your bin and to land, but gardens will benefit too”.

“There’s also the indirect benefit of water saving as plants need les irrigation when there is a good malts to protect the moist in the earth. While only a limited number of residents will benefit from this phrase. One of the greatest things about home composting is that it does not necessarily require special equipment”.

He then concluded by saying “Anyone with the garden can implement their own system, using a trench method or buy specially made composting containers at the garden shop”.



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