Cape Town Residents are saving Water

Simamkele Vakaza
12 April 2016

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Councillor Ernest Sonnenberg, would like to thank and congratulate Cape Town residents for pulling together in this time of water need as a look at figures over the past three months reveals efforts that are truly heartening. Residents have succeeded in saving 10% on their consumption.

Meanwhile, the City is pleased with the progress being made following the recruitment of 20 EPWP workers to assist with enforcement of water restrictions. These workers have been on the ground for approximately three weeks and have assisted in both creating awareness and issuing notices and fines for contraventions.

I would like to thank Cape Town residents for making the sacrifice necessary to achieve the saving”, Said Ernest Sonnenberg.

It shows a sense of civil responsibility of which we can all be proud”, He said.

However we must not take this as sign that we can relax our effort”, said Sonnenberg.

We are far from out of the roots and it is crucial that we continue with a 10% reduction in water consumption”, He added.

Thanks must also be given to our new EPWP workers who are assisting our water inspectors by being our eyes and ears on the ground for enforcing the water restriction while most Capetonians are pulling their weight, there are unfortunately some residents who still feel they are exempted from the efforts”, He concluded.


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