Monday, April 18, 2016

Search operation called off at Klipwart mine

Raymond Pani
18 April 2016

Search and rescue teams at the Klipwart mine near Ophongolo, northern KwaZulu-Natal, have called off the search for five illegal miners, presumed dead.

The illegal miners or Zama Zama, believed to be Lesotho nationals, were trapped underground by a rock fall on Friday.
The bodies of the five illegal miners remain trapped 90 meters below the ground.

The illegal miners believed to be part of the group called Zama Zama resumed illegal mining after forcing their way into the mine last week.

Over the weekend the police search teams halted the search and rescue operation after they were fears that the mine shaft is dangerous.

It is believed a group of thirteen men had broken into a section of the mine which was mined out several years ago, eight of them escaped and three were arrested later on Friday.

The Klipwal mine, which is owned by Bosveld Mines, ceased underground mining operations in 2007. A contractor Birrell Mining is overseeing the care and maintenance of the underground operations.

The Chief Executive Officer of Birrel Mining, Lloyd Birrel has called police and courts not to treat illegal mining as trespassing by few individuals who want to feed their families.

He says it is a well-organised syndicated criminal activity. 



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