A Yacht rescued in Port Alfred

Mluleki Mrwebi
23 February 2013

On Friday morning the National Sea Rescue Institute Port Alfred volunteer sea rescue duty crew wer activated following a request for assistance from the 33 foot yacht KYENA II, with two male crew onboard, reporting their skipper to be suffering back pain.

The crew also reported that their yacht was experiencing motor problems and unable to sail in limited wind conditions 10 nautical miles South East of Bird Island.

NSRI Spokesperson Craig Lambinon said the KYENA II is the same yacht that was towed from 30 nautical miles off-shore of East London by the NSRI East London on Friday 15th of February after they suffered motor failure and storm damage to their sails while sailing through the Transkei Coast.

Lambinon said the NSRI Port Alfred volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched the sea rescue craft LOTTO CHALLENGER and responded while NSRI Port Elizabeth were placed on alert and while members of the AB Yacht Club in Port Elizabeth were placed on alert in case fresh sailing crew would be required if the injured skipper needed to be taken off the yacht.

He added that on arrival on-scene NSRI Port Alfred rescue crew found that their water trap on their motor was water logged causing the motor to fail and the skipper, while suffering some back pain, was not seriously injured and he required no immediate emergency medical care.


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