DTI: Rooibos must remain property of South Africa

Imogen Vollenhoven
22 February 2013

The Department Trade and Industry today said it has noted reports on a French firm’s attempt to trademark Rooibos in France.

The DTI said the registration of such a trademark in France could have a significant negative impact on South Africa’s exports of Rooibos products to France. 

DTI’s Acting Chief Director Bongani Lukhele said the government is going to do everything in its power to make sure that Rooibos remains a South African intellectual property.

Lukhele adds that there are attempts that the department in connection with the department of agriculture and the French embassy are engaged on talks of the industry.

Lukhele adds that it is just to make sure that Rooibos remains registered in South Africa and is not being taken away by a foreign company, as is attempted now.


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