Department of High Education and training builds up vision for FET colleges

Imogen Vollenhoven
27 February 2013

The Department of High Education and training has build up a vision for Post-school education and training.

Spokesperson Mduduzi Manana said the increase of FET college enrolments which have almost doubled from about 350 000 in 2010 to over 650 000 in 2012.

 Manana explains further that these come after the realization of the uninformed perceptions that FET colleges are weak institutions.

 He adds that government is on a mission to see that FET colleges are seen as viable and credible just as higher institutions. Therefore a radical overall is needed in order for these colleges to become colleges of first choice.

Manana also adds that the National Development Plan stated that the current FET college system was not effective and to small while it’s output is poor.


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