SA medical students on hunger strike in Cuba

Imogen Vollenhoven
20 February 2013

Over a hundred South African medical students who are based in Cuba have gone on a hunger strike. 

They are demanding an increase from R1 769 to R6 193.

Ministerial Spokesperson in Health Joe Maila said the amount is simply too high and the department cannot cave into their demands.

It was also reported that some students were arrested by authorities in Cuba, but Joe Maila has denied these reports.

Maila said that the students are adamant that if they don’t get the increase they are not going to go to class.

Maila adds the department thinks that the students’ demands are ridicules and it is something that South Africa cannot afford.

Maila furthermore adds as a department they need to make sure these students go back to class, the department is in constant negotiations with them to see that they go back to class.


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