National Consumer Commission investigates meat labeling in SA

Lusanda Bill
28 February 2013

The National Consumer Commission has today raised its concerns about the recent reports following the research findings done by the University of Stellenbosch with regard to the content of various meat products in South Africa. 

In terms of Section 24 of the Consumer Protection Act, Consumers have a right to disclosure of information; this disclosure includes product labeling and trade descriptions. 

Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies has requested the National Consumer Commissioner to launch an urgent investigation into the meat labeling. 

Acting Commissioner of the National Consumer Commissioner Ebrahim Mohamed said an investigation is underway due to the far and wide ranging implications and impact on the broader consumer.

Mohamed added that consumers have every right to know what they are consuming and it should be disclosed upfront on the label, on the trade description.

Ebrahim Mohamed said if this is not happening then suppliers and all those involved in the supply chain need to ensure that this happens from now on.


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