ACDP: legalisation and regulation of the sale of dagga is a cowardly and defeatist approach to drug trade

Imogen Vollenhoven
20 February 2013 

The African Christian Democratic Party today said the legalization and regulation of the sale of dagga is cowardly and is a negative approach to drug trade taking its toll in South Africa. 

ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley said three out of five South African youth do not support the legislation of dagga. 

Dudley said The ACDP is concerned that the serious problems facing our country due to abuse of alcohol and  illegal drugs will be obscured by red-herrings like debates on legalising dagga in South Africa

Dudley adds that the tragic impact on individuals, families and communities is experienced and witnessed continuously and will not stop until this government gets serious about crushing the drug trade from every angle. 

Dudley furthermore said making illegal drugs legal is a typical response but wishful thinking at best and a callous disregard for the devastation visiting our communities at the hands of these drugs.


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