Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DA: Minister Xingwana well known for extravagant and wasteful spending

Imogen Vollenhoven
18 February 2013


Reports yesterday reveal that Minister of women, children and people with disabilities, Lulu Xingwana, spent 2.1 million redecorating her department’s head office with designer furniture.

DA shadow minister of women, children and people with disabilities Helen Lamoela  said that nearly half of the amount was spent on her own office and the DA plans to call on the Auditor general to investigate this latest report of extravagant and wasteful expenditure by the department under Minister Xingwana’s watch,

Lamoela said that as the DA they feel that protection of women, children and people with disabilities should be priority.

Lamoela adds that the protection of this group is so low on her list and designer furniture has taken that space.

Lamoela emphasis that minister Xingwana is very well known for her over seas trips, now designer furniture and services of private lawyers to assist in axing members of staff.

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