e-hailing drivers warned of attacks in Elsiesrivier

The Elsiesrivier Community Police Forum (CPF) has cautioned e-hailing drivers to be vigilant when entering the area.

The call comes after drivers has been under attack. It’s understood alleged gangsters request Ubers under pretense and then rob them.

The latest incident occurred on Sunday night when an Uber driver was stabbed in Forsale Street.

‘’To all our E-hailing members. A concerned member of the public would like me to warn you of the constant danger you are putting yourself in Elsiesriver. Gangsters are requesting Ubers falsely and then rob them. It is happening continuesly.  The drivers don't listen. Please Ladies and Gents. Please heed the communities warning,’’ said Elsies River Community Police Forum spokesperson, Imraahn Mukaddam.

Some roads affected are Firdale street and Surrounding, Connaught Estate Areas,  Springbok Place 35 & 39th Avenues, Clarke's Estate, Whole of Elsies River, Matroosfontein.


Done By: Mitchum George


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