Golden Arrow Bus Services will increase fares

Golden Arrow Bus Service (GABS) announced that it will increase its fares by 6.95% on all cash and multi-journey products (formerly known as clipcards) on 27 December 2022.

GABS Gold Cards, a once-off purchase, will however remain at R35. 

This should come to no surprise as GABS increase fares in December. This is the second increase for the year by the bus company.

In a statement, the bus company blamed the increase on diesel prices, and wage increases.

‘’This year has been characterised by significant cost increases across every level of Golden Arrow’s supply chain. The increases in the cost of diesel throughout the year, coupled with wage increases and unexpectedly high increases on components have made it impossible to avoid a fare increase at the end of 2022,’’ said Derick Meyer, GABS’ General Manager.

‘’Golden Arrow has worked tirelessly to identify and increase efficiencies across our operations, and we will continue to focus on exploiting all cost saving opportunities available to us. We remain acutely aware that our passengers find themselves in the same difficult economic climate as we do. We would therefore like to assure our passengers and stakeholders that this decision was not taken lightly and that the increase amount is significantly lower than what is required to actually offset cost increases,’’ he added.

Passengers can postpone paying the increased fares until 25 January 2023 in the case of 10-ride multi-journey products (which are valid for 30 days) bought on 26 December 2022 and until 26 March 2023 in the case of 48-ride multi-journey products (valid for 90 days) bought on the same date.

‘’To make the most of our product offerings and access the greatest savings, we would advise that passengers purchase a GABS Gold Card and load weekly or monthly products instead of paying cash. Weekly and monthly products are sold at a discount of up to 45%,’’ said Meyer.

‘’Golden Arrow remains committed to providing our passengers with safe and reliable services, and despite the increase, bus travel remains a viable public transport option,’’ he added.


PICTURE: GABS increase

Done By: Mitchum George


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