Gun Free South Africa calls for businesses to have gun free zones

Mluleki Mrwebi
29 March 2012

The Gun Free South Africa says businesses and organisations should consider enforcing firearm free zones.

 Gun Free SA’s Alan Storey says that would ensure that tragedies like the murder-suicide at a Centurion law firm in Gauteng on Wednesday are prevented.

Four people were killed when 64-year-old Martin van Deventer opened fire on them in a meeting at Du Randt-Richards Attorneys.

Van Deventer is believed to have had two firearms with him at the time.

Storey further said that, had the offices been a gun free area, the killings would not have occurred.


Unknown said…
Gun Free South Africa is a despicable organisation. They know the facts are not on their side so they choose to swoop in an emotional issue to push their agenda. These folk do not care about innocent people and are paid to spin the usual nonsense. They know Gun control has never worked, it does not bother them. Ask yourself why they never complain when government looses guns? That is not their agenda, bothering legal gun owners is! It is always sad when some nutter kills, but people are not willing to accept blame any more. It must be the games, the music or the tool, but never the crazy idiot themselves.
FrankH said…
"Storey further said that, had the offices been a gun free area, the killings would not have occurred."

Storey can’t give any guarantees to this effect, he is in my opinion, nothing less than a lying fool.
Facts are facts said…
Another shit storey from GFSA.

What? Would the criminals who are intent on murder suddenly be cured of their evil intent by a sign. Pull the other one Alan.

What society could REALLY benefit from is MORE GUNS, not less. Another armed person in that room could have made a beneficial contribution. No other armed people in the room = the tragedy that happened.
Anonymous said…
The GFSA is a damp squib!
They have nothing new to say and whatever they have said has been REJECTED by right thinking, law abiding citizens.

Citizens have realized that they are responsible for their own safety and will no longer allow the likes of gfsa and their criminal supporters to rob them of the right to life and self defense.

Criminal support gun free zones as they will then be the only ones with guns.

The complete stupidity of the standard gfsa rubbish makes them a laughing stock.

Go home, Alan Storey and gang, your time is up.

Just Go!!

In closing, they (gfsa) together with the government have been systematically disarming only law abiding citizens since 2000 and what has happened to crime? INCREASED IN ALMOST EVERY DEPARTMENT except those areas where the Police fudged the figures.

Alan, the public has seen through your lies.

About time too, I say.

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